When Emma Met Audrey

by - 12:04 PM

When Emma met Audrey, she was excited to see Mommy and couldn't quite understand why she had to be careful near Mommy's tummy.

When Emma met Audrey, she instantly knew it was the same "Baby Audrey" we had been referring to for months, the one who would kick her hand sometimes when she touched Mommy's belly.

When Emma met Audrey, she was interested in seeing her hair, and (like everyone else) was surprised by how much she had!

When Emma met Audrey, she was enamored with her from first look.  She wanted to kiss her, to hug her, to hold her - and she hasn't stopped.

When Emma met Audrey, she all of the sudden went from baby to big girl to me - she seemed to grow up so much from the minute she walked into our room at the hospital.

When Emma met Audrey, my heart expanded again in a way I never knew possible.  I love watching Emma love on her baby sister, and can't wait to watch their relationship grow together.

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