Welcoming Audrey: A Repeat C-Section

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Audrey joined our family on January 19, 2017 - exactly one month after her older sister turned three. She was born via scheduled repeat c-section, and her birth was relatively uneventful, except that it was, of course, life changing.

My c-section was scheduled for 12pm, and we were instructed to check in at 10am.  Around 9am, we brought Emma to my parents' house, where she would be staying for a few days.  I gave Emma her last kiss as my only child, she couldn't have cared less because everything is awesome at Grandpa's House, and we were off the the hospital.

A scheduled c-section is a lot of hurry up and wait.  There is no emergency (Emma's birth was an emergency c-section), so there is really no rush.  Shane and I spent a lot of time in our pre-op room chatting, and I spent a lot of time chattering my teeth nervous for the spinal that was waiting for me in the operating room.

I had been dilated for over three weeks, and had been very anxious about going into labor unexpectedly before my scheduled surgery, so you'll imagine my surprise when the nurses told me I was in labor as they were monitoring me prior to the cesarean.  I was glad to know Audrey seemed to agree with us on the date we picked for her to come.

When it was time, the nurse walked me to the operating room (Side Note: Why do you have to walk yourself to your own c-section?  Shane didn't walk himself into his appendectomy.  Is this a woman thing?  Just saying.  #InternationalWomensDay2017), and made Shane stay in the designated "Daddy Chair".  The spinal was just about as bad as I had imagined it to be, not horribly painful but scary as shit, and I experienced a pretty big deal of nausea immediately afterwards and throughout the surgery.  Luckily I had an awesome anesthesiologist, who also happened to be really pretty and pregnant herself (useless details).  After I was sufficiently paralyzed, Shane was allowed in the room, and the surgery got underway relatively quickly.

It is so funny to me how the OBs chit chat about sports while they are performing surgery on you - not like funny ha-ha, but more like funny in like a stop talking about baseball and focus on cutting my uterus properly kinda way.  Anywho, they don't like baseball, but they are soccer fans, for anyone wondering.

Audrey was born, and the best way I've ever heard a birth described happened again - a new person was in the room without the door even opening.  She hardly cried, and actually made an alarming breathing squeaking noise.  She was fine, but needed a little bit of extra care before I could meet her.  Luckily things didn't take long, and I got my first hug from my second-born quickly.

Things had changed from my c-section in 2013, and I was given Audrey to hold (a nurse also held her with me) for a lot of the remainder of the surgery.  I know this is supposed to help with bonding, but if I'm being honest, it was really hard for me to see her from this angle, and since I had the whole "my organs are outside my body" feeling going on - it wasn't a great bonding moment for me.  Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.  

Audrey was taken to get checked up a bit more, I was put back together, and off the recovery we went.  Shane was missing the skin-to-skin he hadn't yet gotten to have this time around, so he got some time as I prepared for our first feed.

Our first feed was a dud of epic proportions, and I wondered if nursing would somehow be harder this time around (considering I almost lost a nipple nursing my older daughter, this would quite the feat).  Luckily, by our next feed, we were more comfortable and more successful.  Not to say that nursing has been easy with Audrey, because it has definitely had it's challenges.  I want to meet the women who think that nursing is so super easy and didn't have challenges - the breastfeeding unicorns, if you will.

We spent quite some time in recovery, and then got to move to our postpartum room.  We got our baby cuddles on, both of us blissed out (Shane on baby vibes and me on pain meds), and waited anxiously for Emma to arrive with my parents to meet her baby sister.

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